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A Technology Platform to Power Your Sales.

Automate your sales and support. Integrate with the software you love.


Win more. Work Less.

Easily set yourself apart with instant bidding and quoting, profiles and ratings to differentiate your service to prospects, and tools to automate sales and support functions so you can do more in less time. When speed is king, price matters, and reputation is critical, we help you communicate on all attributes with speed and accuracy.


Set yourself apart.

Show them more than price. Compete on value, not cost. Grid Waste gives you tools to show your prospects why you're great. When they can compare more than price, they consider more than price.


Bid Instantly. Win Automatically.

Time kills all deals. Respond instantly and completely to every opportunity and inquiry, through all your channels. Grid Waste lets you convert leads into customers instantly, on your website, over email, and on Grid Waste's Marketplace. With automated bidding tools, you can put your bidding and quoting on auto-pilot.


Drive density. Reward Efficiency.

Grid Waste's smart bidding tools let you instantly price to incentivize route density, driving your increase route productivity and overall profitability.


Win Rate. Lose Rate. Price Point.

Your win rate and margins provide critical insights into how your price point is performing and can help you sight in your pricing to target the perfect balance between competitiveness and profit. Get an instant picture of how your sales are performing when you bid through Grid Waste. Knowledge is power, and Grid Waste helps you know when you're winning, when you're losing, and why.


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