Not Just a Marketplace.
A Clearinghouse To Connect You With the Best.

Shop your opportunities with Grid Waste and skip the emails.


Win more. Work Less.

  • Price Zones: 2 included.
  • Website Quoter: Included.
  • Manual Bidding: 3 bids per Opportunity.
  • Collection Reports: Unlimited.
  • Notifications: Unlimited Opportunity and Bid Status Notifications.


A Sales Rep's Dream

All the FREE features, PLUS:
  • 5 price zones.
  • Closed-Bid Quoter for web and email.
  • Unlimited manual bidding.
  • Public Profile.

$25 / user / month


Branding & Quality

All the STARTER features, PLUS:
  • UNLIMITED price zones.
  • Branded closed-bid quoter.
  • Quality Rating.

$250 / user / month


Power Up for Mega Sales

All the STANDARD features, PLUS:
  • Bidding Insights.
  • Bulk Pricing Tool.
  • Broker Portal.
  • Territory Management.

$750 / user / month


Complete Automation and Analytics Tools

Grid Waste's most comprehensive edition provides your organization with complete functionality to automate, integrate, and analyze your sales and support processes.

ALL of the PREMIUM features, PLUS:
  • Branded service packs on Grid Waste's Marketplace.
  • Pricing Analytics for complete price performance insights.
  • TRASHBOT IVR for automatic phone sales and support.
  • TRASHBOT email for automated email sales and support.
  • Developer API to support integration with your favorite services, like Trux, Quickbooks, WorkWave, Zoho, Salesforce and more.

$3000 / user / month


Price Zones

Responsive, Automated Bidding

Map your services, provide descriptions and information you want your customer to know, define containers, schedules, pricing and bidding parameters to instantly quote or bid on opportunities.

Website Quoter

Quoting on your Webpage

A simple html snippet converts your web traffic into customers. Dynamically provide prices based on geography, service needs, contract length, and more.

Turn your website into a sales force.

Manual Bidding

Cherry Picking Made Easy

Sort, filter, and manually bid on any opportunities that don't fit your price zone program. This gives you the flexibility to focus on high-priority or unique opportunities.

Collection Reports

Give 'em what they want.

Give customers the service data and collection information they want. A simple interface can be accessed on any mobile device, letting your team log collection events as they occur. Support your customers LEED and other waste tracking goals.


Important Updates in your Email.

Receive email notifications about new opportunities in your area, about when your bids are winning, losing, won or lost, and when you receive messages from customers.

Closed-Bid Quoter

Yours and yours alone.

A simple html snippet that you can use on your website or in emails to skip the bidding, provide instant quotes and complete the contracting process with prospects all automatically.

Public Profile

Powerfully Different.

If all they see is price, all they'll know is price. Public profiles let your prospects learn about who you are, and why you're great. Complete your profile to put your best foot forward, and give them more than a number to know you by.


Looking Sharp.

Put your branding on the tools you love for automating your quoting, contracting and deal closing! Logos and colors let your prospects connect more powerfully with your brand and your company.

Quality Rating

Prove It.

Measure and communicate your service reliability so customers know you'll stand behind your promise. Grid Waste leverages collection data and contract information in your account to create real-time quality ratings that you can use to show customers how good you really are.

Bidding Insights

Knowledge is Power.

Know your win rate, lose rate, and pass rate to understand how your service offerings and pricing strategy is performing. A must have for any aggressive sales operation.

Bulk Pricing Tool

Multi-Location Quoting.

For cranking out quotes for many locations at once, import your lists and service needs and let Grid Waste price the work and send the quote, instantly.

Broker Portal

Self-Service for your Favorites.

Give your preferred brokers the power to pull their own quotes, invoices, and service inquiries automatically. Provide preferred prices and speciality offerings, and give them the best service.

Territory Management

Empower Reps. Compare Territories.

Compare and contrast across zones and across your team with the Territory Management reports.

Branded Services

They're shopping for your brand.

List branded services in Grid Waste's marketplace so shoppers can find YOU. Get increased visibility in the areas you target, for the services you offer, and skip the bidding on branded service selections.

Pricing Analytics

Comprehensive Price Positioning and Performance Data

Understand how you stand in your market on price, win rate, lose rate, pass rate, and more. Get a full picture of your competitive environment.


Automated Phone Sales & Support

An phone dial-response system to provide automated over-the-phone, sales and support. Customers will be thrilled to instantly receive quotes, contracts, copies of invoices and statements, or responses to their service inquiries instantly.


Automated Email Sales & Support

Respond to every email instantly, automatically, and accurately. Leverage the Grid Waste platform, our email reading technology, and integrations into the software you rely on.

Developer API

Integrate into your Infrastructure.

Grid Waste's developer API empowers you to plug in to many of your most trusted software solutions to maximize automation and minimize manual work like data entry, invoicing, and more. Put your information on auto-pilot.