Not Just a Marketplace.
A Data and Management Platform for Waste.

Advance your budget, waste removal, data and sustainability goals for one, Hundreds, or thousands of locations.

Multi-User, Managed Roles.

Engage your team the way you want.

Add team members to your account with the roles and permissions you want them to have. Give them access to the right communications, in their account and in their inbox.

Collection Reports

Vendor provided collection data at your fingertips in real-time.

Enroll your collection vendors in reporting on Grid Waste's free reporting platform to get real time collection insights on rear-load, front-load, compactor or other service styles.

Disposal Measured

Get real-time fill data on your dumpsters.

Grid Waste offers optional SmartBin integration so you can get fill level measurements taken throughout the day compiled in real time and accessible in your reports portal across your portfolio,


Drive density. Reward Efficiency.

Grid Waste enables you to leave each property open to automatic clustering with neighbors so your vendors have the most efficient routes and can offer the best prices. This can massively reduce scope-3 waste related emissions and environmental impact.

Costs Controlled

Keep invoices in line with contracted prices.

Stop cost creep and keep costs in line with the contracted rates when your vendors invoice you through Grid Waste.


A single place for all your managers, all your vendors.

Keep service management simple with Grid Waste's communication platform to enable submitting, documenting, and reviewing service requests, responses, issue handling and other communication needs.


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