Food for Thought: Opportunities for Waste Collectors in Eco-Friendly Food Waste Disposal
Article published on 10/26/2016

New Jersey is on track to move forward with a bill that would lead more businesses to sustainably dispose of food, such as by sending it to waste-to-energy facilities, according to This legislation, similar to what other states like Massachusetts and Connecticut have passed, represents a growing opportunity for waste management companies to sustainably dispose of food.

Whether your company already has its own composting facilities or can ensure that clients’ waste will be delivered to eco-friendly disposal sites, waste collectors can take advantage of this growing trend toward sustainable food waste.

Remember, 75% of U.S. consumers said they’d be more likely to buy from a company making a great effort to adopt environmentally-conscious products, according to a 2013 Gibbs & Soell study.

And globally, 66% would pay more for sustainable brands, finds Nielsen.

Waste Collection Food Waste Infographic

So whether you’re helping clients with waste tracking, sustainable disposal, or taking another environmentally-friendly measure such as deploying a fuel efficient fleet, waste management companies can market these practices to attract more clients. And it’s important to take steps like these now to differentiate your business, rather than waiting til they become the norm.

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