Best Waste Management Companies in DC
Article published on 08/22/2017

Finding the best waste removal service for your needs can be a challenge. Open markets like Washington DC boast many different service providers. Here are some tips for finding a company that’s best for you

best waste removal in DC

what garbage company is best for you?

Company Age. How old a company is may or may not be a good indicator of service quality. A large, old company is more likely to do a good job than a small old company, and a large new company is probably doing a few things right. Generally, company age may not be a great indicator, especially when viewed out of context.

Company Size. Your big, public waste companies (yes, that means Waste Management and Republic Services in the DC area) offer great waste and recycling removal services. They often subcontract certain services to other companies. Working with a public company will have it’s pro’s and con’s. You’ll get decent service, but won’t have the owner’s cell phone number. Your rates will be reasonable but, generally, on the high side and you’ll have some extra fees in your invoice that you may not have expected – things like environmental and fuel surcharges. On the reverse, a really small company is going to be more of a wild-card for you. They may offer you incredible service, or they may not have the equipment and man-power to keep up with their workload.

Services Offered. Every company – even the Waste Management and Republic Services – focus on certain niches in each market. So if you’re looking for a specialty service like paper shredding or food waste composting, you’ll probably be best sourcing that from a company that focuses on that specific service. Even when looking for a trash removal service, you may want to focus on a company that provides rear-loader service if you need a smaller bin and access is tight like in an alley. Or you may want to focus on a company that provides front-end loader service if you have a bit more space for a larger dumpster and a big truck to get in, as this can be a bit cheaper. Same thinking goes or your roll-off needs, e-waste, construction & demolition debris, and other specialty wastes.

Fleet Size. What’s the sweet spot for fleet size? Bigger is better? Or is there a point where a fleet size indicates that company has too much going on to care about you?

Proximity. Proximity matters a bit when looking at your options. How close the company’s truck yard is to your service location will play a role in price. So will how many customers the company has in your area.

Price. Obviously, price is important when selecting a service provider. But be warned: price and service quality may not correlate! If you want to learn a bit about how rubbish companies price their services, check out Price Like a Boss.

A quick google search generally can give you a list of options in your area. If you want to get pricing from vetted vendors, you can always do a search with us!

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